Saturday, May 14, 2011

46 poorly summarized movies

(The picture is of Halle Berry)
  1. In Harry Potter a group of 3 misfits go to school for 7 years.
  2. In Taken a young girl is taken.
  3. In Primer two dudes travel through time, rent a storage locker and trade stocks.
  4. In Fight club people go to a cub to fight and a schizo get punched.
  5. In UP a group of people float away in a house.
  6. In Lord of the Rings there's a lord with a ring. Some time after that, a dark wizard explodes with rage because he lost the jewellery
  7. In the Hangover some 3 guys try to figure out why a naked asian man is in their trunk with a hangover and a tiger.
  8. In American History X a skinhead goes to jail.
  9. In Ghost Buster ghosts are busted.
  10. In Hannibal Lecter an old guy has lunches.
  11. In Inception a few persons are dreaming while dreaming in a dream in a dream in a dream to tell another guy he should sell his company on a plane.
  12. In The Usual Suspects Kevin spacey is Kaiser Soze.
  13. In The Wrestler a man pretends to get punched. At the end he does an impression of a fountain pen.
  14. In V for Vendetta a shadowy freedom fighter known only as "V" uses terrorist tactics to fight against his totalitarian society. Upon rescuing a girl from the secret police, he also finds his best chance at having an ally.
  15. In Schindler's List a couple of people die
  16. In A Million Dollar Baby a girl get her ass kicked.
  17. In Due Date Iron Man and some hairy guy ride in a car.
  18. in Batman, some clown trolls a guy in a bat costume
  19. In 12 Angry Men there's 12 men but only one are actually angry.
  20. In Mission Impossible a man goes on an impossible mission.
  21. Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas is about fear and loathing in the Nevada region.
  22. In Milk, a gay guy gets political and shot
  23. In Die Hard, a cop tries to reconcile with his estranged wife.
  24. In The Walking Dead the director explore the relationship between people and zombies. It turns out that people and zombies don't get along very well.
  25. Toy Story tells the story of some toys.
  26. In Aliens there are some aliens.
  27. In The Wizard of Oz a girl and her dog get lost and stop for directions
  28. In Forrest Gump a guy sits on a bench.
  29. In 6th Senses we see that the guy was a ghost the whole time.
  30. in Tenacious D two fat rockers have an awesome trip and kicks the devil's ass
  31. In American Pie there are no pie
  32. In There Will Be Blood there was some blood.
  33. In Requiem For a Dream people do drugs
  34. In American Psycho a guy kills people
  35. In The Dark Knight, a serious man is dressed as a bat.
  36. In Roundhouse, many people are kicked.
  37. In Back to the Future, some whiny kid with the shakes goes to the past, then back to the future.
  38. In Swordfish, Halle Berry shows her boobs.
  39. In To Kill a Mockingbird, a retard kills a guy and a black man gets framed.
  40. In The Fast and the Furious Paul Walker has a Corona.
  41. In Blade Runner, a guy has no blade, and does not run that much.
  42. In Tommy Boy there's a fat guy in a little coat.
  43. The Shawshank Redemption is mostly about pin-up girls.
  44. In Shaun of the Dead, a man tries to sort his dead-end life out and ends up at the pub
  45. The Labyrinth is about David Bowie being cool.
  46. There was no elephants in Elephant.


  1. Some of those descriptions were better than the actual film!

  2. Lol good ones, especially the batman one! :D

  3. Some of them are not that bad, others are just wrong about the movies (

  4. The batman one made me laugh!

  5. A whole lot of these are spot on. A few are just you repeating the title back :p

  6. In Swordfish, Halle Berry shows her boobs.

    Thats all I remember of it as well.

  7. These were hilarious!

    I'll add:
    A Serious Man is about a man who tries to be regarded as serious.

  8. Hah! #46 made me laugh...

  9. I dunno, number 7 is pretty accurate haha

  10. Hahaha, this is great lol. Have you watched them all or done impressions from title in some? :D

  11. In 46 poorly summarized movies 46 movies were poorly summarised.

  12. lolllll at most of these
    "In American Pie there are no pie" hahahahah

  13. These are awesome!

    Your #10 cracked me up because I'm such a fan of Hannibal. I'm still giggling about it, 5 minutes later...

  14. Yes! Thank you for this. 28 made me smile.

  15. halle berry, emm shes a hotty

  16. LOL some of those were awesome and would have saved me a lot of time!

  17. #38 is the only good part of the movie

  18. LOL. this reminds me of how commercials portray movies. Tehy just show bits of the movie, and those bits mislead you into thinking the movie will be super cool, and about this , but then you see it and you realize that one scene you saw like 12 times was taken way out of context. and that you are watching a movie you really did not want to see. but were tricked into it.

  19. Naah! some are not well enough, like Fight Club, but some are really good like V for Vendetta.

  20. Haha these are pretty good, I love things like these, I quite like the blade runner one, made a point I hadn't realised.