Tuesday, May 17, 2011

65 poorly summarized TV-shows

  1. In Mythbuster, two guys bust myths.
  2. On TV-Shop, you can buy stuff you see on TV.
  3. MacGyver never dies, and always wins.
  4. In House, it's never lupus.
  5. In Jersey Shore, Situation tends to make a situation.
  6. In Big Brother, there isn't no big brother.
  7. In Desperate Houswives, it isn't only the houswives who is desperate.
  8. In Gossip Girl, also boys gossip
  9. In Bones, they find corpse, solve mysteries and can't decide who to fuck.
  10. In Australian Idol there is no idols
  11. In Two and a half men, it's in fact only one man.
  12. In CSI: Miami the riddle is solved when Horatio is squeezing his eyes together and looks mysteriouse into the camera. Prefferably with afternoun sun in his face.
  13. In Dexter, a small redheaded child escapes from his mischievous older sister by killing the terrible people of Miami's society.
  14. In Dancing with the stars, there are no stars. Only people with a dead career, dancing with people with no career.
  15. In Hard talks, they talk hard.
  16. In Judging Amy, theres a judge, and shes named Amy.
  17. In Law and Order, DUN DUN.
  18. Dr Phil isn't a doctor.
  19. The Simpsons is about The Simpsons
  20. In Stargate: Universe, everything is completely original.
  21. In Border Control, theres little control, and much border.
  22. In How I met your mother, the audience learns how...
  23. In Family Guy you remember that time when
  24. In Ladette to Lady, it's just sluts that become cock teasers.
  25. Men vs. wild is about drinking piss.
  26. In Survivors, everyone survives.
  27. Dr Who is about a guy loves his sexy box
  28. In Brothers in arms, no one is brothers, and they are over all pretty bad armed.
  29. Ghostbusters is about four guys bust ghosts.
  30. In Medium, an annoying woman wearing large has visions and is on the taxpayers payroll.
  31. On O'Reilly, you can't explain that.
  32. On Happy Days, a man who takes excessive pride in his appearance hangs out in the men's restroom.
  33. In Firefly, there is no firefly.
  34. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is about Buffy who slays preconceived notions of woman's role in male-domin-ated society.
  35. Dirty Jobs is about jobs which are dirty.
  36. Supernatural - two guys bust supernaturals
  37. Top Model is like poop; the lightest floats to the top.
  38. The Walking Dead - the dead walk
  39. In Cheers there is a bar and people say cheers to each other
  40. Housewives of NYC/Orange County/Miami/Atlanta/New Jersey: Women screaming and yelling and getting drunk
  41. In The secret life of american teenagers, there is no secrets.
  42. Friends. That's about it.
  43. In Fringe, the killer is always from another dimension.
  44. The Muppet Show - some guys open and close their hands.
  45. Lost is about some people who got lost, but not really
  46. In Brothers and sisters there is exactly that, and their families.
  47. In Mr. Dressup, Mr. Dressup Dresses up.
  48. In Shit my dad says, a dad says shit. And a lot of other stuff.
  49. In Smallville a whiny teen grows up to be a whiny Man of Steel
  50. In Prison break, some guys break out of a prison. Only in the first season though, after that is has fuck all to go with prison breaks.
  51. In Mad men, they aren't especially mad.
  52. In Glee, they don't stop believing
  53. Antiques Roadshow is a show on the road about antiques.
  54. Cupcake Wars, where people have wars over cupcakes
  55. In Man vs Food, you watch why americans are fat
  56. In Cash in the Attic, they sell trash from the attic for a selfish cause.
  57. In Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, they give homes with high maintenance cost to poor people.
  58. On Deadliest Catch, fishermen yell at eachother and fall overboard when ratings drop.
  59. In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a group of teenaged mutant ninja turtles go around and beat up aliens.
  60. In It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it's actually not so sunny at all.
  61. Magic School Bus is about a never-ending field trip on a school bus that is magical.
  62. In Grounded For Life, Eddie does something shady and wears an awesome shirt.
  63. In every episode of South Park, it is implied that one or more celebrities are gay. Later Kenny dies.
  64. The Good Wife knows her husband has sex with other women, but won't cheat on him herself
  65. In the Office, people work in an office, while there is a fly-on-the-wall film crew make a documentary for eight fucking years about a group of quirky co-workers, who encounter obstacles mostly caused by their other quirky co-workers.


  1. i loved number 18. also i liked ur list of movies better,.

  2. Top Model is like poop; the lightest floats to the top.
    This really cracked me up

  3. I LOVE #4. "It's never lupus."
    Best summary EVER!

  4. haha i like 59. Beat up aliens !

  5. Hold up, I think we've got a situation.

    & I think they end up breaking out of another prison in like season 3..

  6. Now I never have to watch any of these show, except Dr. Who, because I too love the sexy box.

  7. :D I laughed at a lot of these!

  8. 17 made me crack up, DUN DUN.
    Actually they were all pretty good, this will forever be a reference for whenever I need to sum up one of these shows.

  9. This is quite the impressive list.

  10. i love this post!!! but avobe all, i like glee's one

  11. Wouldn't Two and a half men be called 2 Men now that charlie sheen is gone lol.

  12. this is an amazing list. quite well done my good sir!

  13. Winner:
    Friends. That's about it.

  14. these are actually quite good. :D

  15. Way to bastardize a classic. YOU MONSTER.


  16. #26 Hey! That is some spoilers! =P Nice post!

  17. Haha, these are so true lol. Good job, and come with more! Books, perhaps.

  18. In Firefly... There is no Firefly :P LOL

  19. the Dancing with the stars one is SO accurate!

  20. Nice :D I laughed at most of them

  21. Yeah, that's about right. At least from the ones I do watch.

  22. Hada good chuckle at most of these!

  23. i lol'd at fringe..xD thats a rly good tv show ^^

  24. I like the way you described them, a really great list! congrats!

  25. Men vs. wild is about drinking piss. LOL.

  26. That was 3 cups of awesome poured into a pan, with 1 cup of win, and a tablespoon of radical (for the 80s shows mentioned)

    You synthesized: +3 Internetz

  27. haha, hilarious summaries. Saved me a bunch of time.

  28. Top model, god I havn't laughed this hard for long! Also, I like the description of the office :)

  29. well, these seem about right to me

  30. Alright, THIS is a pretty good list. Astonishingly accurate, haha

  31. lol I love these summarizes! Spot on

  32. "On O'Reilly, you can't explain that." Best one.

  33. I like how you combined Dexters.

  34. I'll have to check out some of these. Well... the ones that I haven't seen before.

  35. I was looking for Lost and..... it was a good summarizing of the show... :P

  36. Number 17 got to me. I love these summaries!
    And thanks for the fair warning from other shows.

  37. Rotfl. These are hilarious. I could actually see myself saying these things.

  38. These are so true and funny, will be hoping for more!