Thursday, March 15, 2012

5 actors that could have played the joker in Dark Knight

No people in their right mind questions Heath Ledgers preformance as the joker in Batman: Dark Knight, but who could have at least tried to fill his shoes? This is especially becomen relevant because of Heath Ledgers tragic death... This is my top 5!

Number 5: Brad Dourif

Dourif is a sci-fi actor, and has had lots of different roles in everything from Fringe and X-Files to the Lord of the Rings triology where he played Grima Wormtongue. He is specializing on mysteriouse scary roles. And that is the joker in a nutshell.

Number 4: Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin is probably best known to most of you from his last block buster "Walk the Line", the movie based on Johnny Cash life, where he played Mr. Cash himself. In my opinion, Joaquin showed in that movie, and has shown before, some great qualities and has proven to have a very unique skill for absorbing a role and make it realistic.

Number 3: Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody is most known for his role in Academy Award-winning movie, The Pianist, where he by the way did an eminent job. I think he could easily have been a success playing the role as the joker in Batman: Dark Knight too. In many ways he looks like how I portray the joker looked like before his transformation.

Number 2: Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage is Nicholas Cage. What more is to say? Probably the best action-actor in Hollywood after Chuck Norris (yes, even better then Tom Cruise in my opinion). As a great plus, the movie would have been an instant success even if he did a crappy job. Every movie Nicholas Cage stars in, becomes an instant cash success.

Number 1: Jim Carrey.

Disagree? Wonder why? See ANY of his movies. Mr. Gummy Face is not only an eminent actor and a hillariouse comedian, he has also the x-factor to handle such a role. To be honest, I think he could have done an equally good of job as Heath Ledger did. If not possibly even better.


  1. My favorites actors ! :o

    Nice post ! ;D

  2. Jim carrey would be the best.

  3. Jim Carrey is the best, for sure!

  4. Don't argue with one they say. It only means they win, they say.

  5. I agree, he would have made a great jocker, a different one that the Heath Ledger's one which I loved. Jim Carrey is a great actor in my opinion!
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  6. veryy niceee and coool your bloggg :)

  7. I'd vote phoenix
    carrey was already the riddler
    cage while convincingly insane would be a little out of place relative to deviousness

  8. I can't wait to see the new one. Jim Carey surprisingly has the a suitable style of acting for Joker. His most serious roles have been his best movies.

  9. Phoenix is the only one I agree with

  10. Jim Carey propably would have done it right. I'm curious, how he would have played it.

  11. That is such a terrifying picture of Nicholas Cage!! I'm not sure I'd be able to take Jim Carey seriously, though...

  12. Jim Carey would be the best option..

  13. I did not know this!

  14. Ok, if Cage or Carrey play the Joker, that would be hilarious and awesome.