Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review: Kate and William: A Modern Romance

It's been made several of documentaries about Kate Middelton and prince William of Wales since the news about their engament was made public last year - and hopefully it's more to be made, because this documentary gave me the lust for more about these two!

The documentary tells the beautiful story of how they met at the university and started dating, ending up with how Kate Middelton grew into the position she has now - the future queen of the United Kingdom, before in it's final part talks about the life after marriage. It interviews a lot of different people that has different views and perspectives on the upcomming marriage, making it interesting and informative. Of course, as always, a great deal of the interview objects is from the tabloid media, but in this setting - it did not feel wrong. All of them was respectfull, and seemed to be happy for the upcomming marriage.

So is this documentary another propaganda movie, looking out to earn som easy bucks on the hordes of fans? No, not at all. It was actually quite the opposite. I was actually very puzzled by how honest it was and how risky this marriage may seem, and the many challenges the couple will meet. For instance; they are going to live up in nowhere in Wales where Kate will be homestaying - is Kate ready to say good bye to her life? Is her love for William strong enough to keep up with such a resposibility? And do prince William really love her? Lets hope the answere on these questions is yes. If not, we may have a Diania 2.0.

I will rate this documentary to a 5 out of 6. Not because it was mindblowing, but because it was entertaining, but at the same time informative - and very well made. I was not bored a single second.

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