Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review: William and Catherine: A Modern Fairytale

I mentioned in a previouse post that I wanted to see more about the upcomming wedding between prince William and Kate Middelton, and thats exactly what I did! Today I saw a second documentary about the couple. This time, it was ABC's «William and Catherine: A Modern Fairytale».

So was it boring to see another documentary about the same subject? No! Not at all! While the other documentary talked more about how they met, and pointed out some possible problems, this one focused more on tradtions and put the wedding into a historical perspective. I thought it was very interesting, especially since I already had seen one about how they met and everything.

On the negative side, I would like to mention that I did not like how they talked about Kate in this documentary. She was to some extent portrayed as a «gold digger», and thats not the impression I have gotten from other news soruces, and it hit me as completley unjustified!

In spite of this; if you're only going to see one of these documentaries; «Kate and William: A Modern Romance» or «William and Catherine: A Modern Fairytale» - I think I would have to recommend this one. The only reason is that I like royal british history, and this had a great portion of it.

The documentary qualifies for a 5 out of 6 – just as the previouse, and for the same reasons; well made, and interesting – just a different angel and perspective wich was quite refreshing.

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  1. sorry. my interset in the royal wedding is very thin. Think ill pass. but thx anyway