Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Kidnap and Ransom

Yesterday I saw all three episodes of the TV-show "Kidnap and Ransom". It's a british crime serie, centered around a hostage negotiator named Dominic King, who is played by Trevor Eve. The plot takes Dominic to South-Africa to negotiate with two kidnappers who have kidnapped an english buisness woman. Everything does not go as planned though, and the release gets very messy. With the fresh memory of his last client getting killed, is Dominic very focused on getting the woman home safe - and alive.

The series is cut up in three episodes, but I will recommend to sit down and see all three in one session. The history is a little complicated, and it's a few internal logical flaws that can make it hard to understand if you're not giving it your full attention.

I will give this TV-series a 3 out of 6. It was slightly entertaining, but I would rather recommend seeing a few episodes of CSI rather than spending your time on this.

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