Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: National Geographics Inside the Muslim Brotherhood

I recently watched National Geographics documentary "Inside the Muslim Brotherhood". Was a little tired at the moment, so to be honest, I didnt give it my fully attention. This is also partly caused by previouse experience with National Geographics documentaries; they tend to repeat stuff a few times. A little boring when its a subject you are very interested in, and feel a hunger for the most information about the subject as possible to deliever in a 50 minutes documentary, but practical when youre tired and just want some easy, but educational, entertaiment.

Over all, the documentary was as always with National Geographic, well made. The production and their interviews is always top tier. But as always, you can question their interview objects. I am not going to do that now, but Im sure if I did some close research on them, I would find that several of them has what you would call "colored opinons" and possibly motives for taking a stand in either direction. I got early a feeling that National Geograpic had a hidden agenda with this documentary regarding bashing islam. But after thinking about it a little bit, I think its rather caused by commercial interests. The anti-islam movement is like a wave over Europe these days, so why not making some money on it?

Anyways, the "Muslim brotherhood" is not something to joke around with, but I dont think they are as big of a threat as they would like to be, and National Geographic is portraying them as, but its a subject I dont now much about, and will investigate further on my own. As an introduction, I thought this documentary was a great start, and I will therefor rate it as a good 4 of 6.

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  1. Bashing minority groups is quite popular / acceptable in the mainstream =p.